Good you dropped in

There are photographs and descriptions of various things I have made on this website. If you came here especially for this, thank you and I hope you enjoy them. If you arrived here by chance and you are still reading, thank you as well. I hope you too enjoy what you see.

Things can appear instantly in a virtual world, in the way that ideas for things pop into my head. But to make things for our real world, it takes a little longer. That’s reality for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a factory that makes thousands of things in a minute or a workshop that a piece of furniture is shuffled out of from time to time. Without good planning and trial and error, we would not have much to comfort us at all.

Work like this is often described as painstaking. Well, to be honest, apart from the occasional slip of a chisel or thump of a misjudged hammer blow, pain has nothing to do with the things I make. I love doing this. I only use materials from renewable resources and make things that will last many generations. Things for people to use, treasure and enjoy. Things for you?